How to Improve Restaurant Table Turnover Rate

Table turnover rate is an important factor when it comes to managing restaurants. Your profits are highly dependent on the number of customers you entertain on a particular day and eventually a month. It is one of those metrics which you can either leave uncontrolled or can control to make your profit game strong. When it comes to maintaining table turnover rate, then it is essential to make sure that your guests are not irked by the short span of time and thereby making your experience as the last experience at your restaurant. You have to keep a balance between the times to make sure that their dining experience is long enough to allow them to enjoy their meal to the fullest but it has to be short as well to accommodate other parties waiting for their turn as well.

The sweet spot is to manage the time such that new parties are given space in less possible time. As a restaurant owner, managing turnover rate can be instrumental for you and your new customers as it leads to accommodating new customers to their new places in short possible time. However, mismanagement in table turnover rate can lead to disaster as well because your customers in waiting won’t wait for long to be seated. However, there are certain techniques to manage turnover rate efficiently so as not to disrupt your customer service and to make experience a long lasting memory for your valued customers.

  1. Time constraint

As soon as the customers arrive at your restaurant, ask them about the time constraint while making sure that you don’t sound rude. Ask politely, and this opener will help you to understand how long the table turn time will be. If they are here to celebrate a special occasion, then you should be mindful of longer table turn time but if they are there just to munch on something before their movie starts, then table turn time will be shorter, and you need to manage your services accordingly. If the customer is flexible on time, then their order may be kept on a lower priority.

  1. Do not entertain incomplete parties

If you allow on-call reservations or pre-arrival bookings, then at your busiest shifts, don’t entertain incomplete parties. This will lead to longer table turnover rate, and thus its effect will prevail throughout the restaurant which will affect both the server and the manager. You can place a note on your website or the reception that “Incomplete parties won’t be entertained during busiest shifts.” However, if it is out of busiest times, then allow them as much time as they want because it won’t affect your services at all.

  1. Ask campers to leave

If there are people who are just there for gossiping, ask them politely to leave the place. Visit their table repeatedly to remove things, and they’ll get the hint. But make sure that you treat them politely.

Increasing table turnover times

  1. Place the bill

After ensuring that meal is complete, then drop the check at customer’s ability to give them a hint to vacate the table as soon as possible. Ensure politeness throughout your service because that’s what brings your customers to you again and again.