Effective Restaurant Promotional Ideas for Beginners

Marketing and promotion play a vital role in increasing profitability of any restaurant. If you have recently opened your dream new restaurant, then you must go for some effective marketing ideas to make it grow in no time. In another case, if your already established restaurant has been facing a downfall, then also, you must think to redesign your marketing strategies.

This article will provide you all the up-to-date marketing tips and tricks to boost your restaurant sales. Let’s have a look below:

Creative Marketing

Effective, Easy and Useful Restaurant Marketing Strategies:

1: Make Use of “Google My Business Profile” Service:

When Google is giving you a complimentary service called “Google My Business Profile” then why not avail it as a primary marketing tool? It is an easy way to reach your target customers. By creating “Google My Business Profile,” you can mark your online presence as it shows your restaurant’s name, location, images, working hours, reviews, contact information as well as the ability to take bookings through online booking widgets.

2: Make Your Website:

In this time of global era, no business can flourish without a website. It is a must-to-do marketing strategy of your online existence. If you lack technical skills of making a website, then you must hire a website developer who can make an outstanding website for your restaurant.

3: Create Social Media Accounts:

No one can deny the power of social media these days. You must also make social media accounts for your restaurant on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as a quick marketing approach. You can make very good use of these accounts to keep your regular and potential customers updated about all the related information about your restaurant on a daily basis.

4: Post Menu on Social Media accounts to Attract Customers:

As a restaurant owner, it is a very good opportunity to post your menu online on social media pages to attract customers. The lip-smacking images of the tempting menu will urge customers to come to your restaurant.

5: Communicate with Customers on the Regular basis:

It is a new marketing strategy to interact with your customers online on a regular basis. You can have a “Question &Answer” session on Facebook or Twitter. You can also communicate with them to get their feedback and make your services better in the light of their suggestions.

6: Emailing New and Repeat Customers:

Sending emails about special offers and amazing discounts on the menu using software like MailChimp and Intercom to new and repeat customers will keep them interacted with your restaurant offerings directly.

7:  Use the Power of Bloggers:

Bloggers act as an excellent marketing source to promote your restaurant. You can invite famous bloggers to your restaurant and offer them free menu. They will post about your services and the positive word-of-mouth would reach to their thousands of followers in a fraction of the time.

8: Creating Own Blog:

Just by spending few hours a week, you can create your SEO optimized blog. You can write weekly about the interesting content to attract new and retain existing customers. You can also invite bloggers to write guest blogs.

9: Paid Advertisement:

Last but not the least; the paid advertisement is one hard and effective source of promoting your new restaurant. You can use paid advertising to exert a pull on new customers who do not know about your restaurant’s existence at all. You can also use location and time-based advertising to target potential customers within your area.